Why Concrete, Why Multicore?

The first post on a new blog is always the same. This is the required bog post about blogging.
Let’s answer the five reporters questions and get this over with. Here are the answers to “Where, what, when, how and why”.
Right here on the interweb tubes.
I decided that WordPress was the best free blog platform for me. I am sure there are others. I have used Google Blogger as well. This is the one I chose this time.
This blog is all about learning about Multicore software and chips. More specifically building real-time embedded systems using multiple processors.
I will include a lot of links to keep as references to the material. There is a whole lot of material out there, and I want to be very choosy and critical of what gets included here.
The topics will include research on multicore, new parts from the silicon vendors, and software. Software is the main focus.
I have cached a months worth of posts. My plan is to put them out as I have time.
As things come up and new products are announced, I will comment. Of course, like most blogs this could be abandoned in two weeks. Let’s cross our fingers and hope it is useful.
I type this with my little fingers.

My world is embedded firmware and real-time operating systems. Multicore has arrived. Slowly these chips are moving into my world.
The world of embedded hardware and software is crowded compared to personal computers. PCs use Intel or AMD processors. My world has dozens of chip vendors, and dozens of operating systems. There are multicore chips on the market now from Broadcom, Freescale, Cavium, Intel and Raza. Almost all RTOS vendors claim to support symmetric MultiProcessor systems.
Most of the articles on EETimes and other web sites are written by the marketing departments, or are fluff pieces. If I find one more article that talks about Ahmdals Law or “mutlicore software is hard, buy our widget and it will be easy!”, I will be screaming and running through the cubes with my underwear on my head. Seriously, I’ve done that before.
Now, having said that, my first few posts will give some links and references. If you are a complete novice to the concepts of multiprocessor and chips, this reference material will get you caught up fast. I will try to pick the best articles and leave the rest. I need to catalog it for my own future self.
What I want, and the why of this blog, is something real. I need concrete information about how to make multicore  software work. I know it is difficult. Show me the way.
No one is stepping up to do that, so I will try to find my way. Putting up this blog may help others. At a minimum, I can come back and find my own notes later.
Of course I have a pretty good idea of where I am going. I’ve thought about this for a long time. I am pulling details from my notebooks and building the ideas a little at a time.
It is all for me, but please share and comment. If I am wrong tell me, I will never learn anything new otherwise.


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