The Bloggers delima

I learned in Toastmasters that if you don’t tell people you just made a mistake, they never know. The same is true about blogging. As a reader, the rough draft is a mystery.

When writing software there are times when the code does not happen. You sit down with a hot cup of coffee and the best intentions, but you can’t find the flow. After many years and lots of bad code, I have learned there is always a reason. The reason is usually you are not as smart as you think. There are important details missing in your mental model of the code. Fill in those details and the code flows naturally.

True, there is value in banging your head into the problem for a while. It is one way to learn about the unknowns you do not know about yet. A nice walk outside, away from the computer works much better for me.

So, when blogging I am finding writing very similar. This project started with a load of good ideas. I posted the Mind Map here. Now as the posts are getting written, they just don’t flow.

Amdahl’s Law is a good example. Read the Wikipedia page if you want to know what it is. My post sounds just like every other article I have read on EE Times about multicore. 73.33% of the reason I started to write this blog was to NOT write stuff that rehashes the same ground. Yes, Amdahl’s Law is important, but you can learn that anyplace. Here we will go deeper.

This means I have to rant. Trying to make my writing sound academic or even smart is just not going to happen. This is no-nonsense, lets actually build something real stuff. Not mushy, or fancy. Solid, like concrete.

There, I feel better.


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