The Best Way to Pimp the Chip Sales Guy

When the vendor shows up with a hot new multicore chip., there is one question you have to ask. It is a fair question. You can ask just to hassle the sales guy, but you really should ask. They may not know, nobody seems to talk about it. I wonder why?

The question is, “how does it handle interrupts?”

In an embedded system with custom hardware, you will actually write an interrupt handler. It is not someone else’s problem. So how the processor handles interrupts it huge. In multicore, of course it is even worse.

The Cell processor has one PPE and a eight co-processors. The PPE handles all interrupts. In a system with lots of peripherals and lots or real time happening, that could be a problem.

So, one more requirement, the system should spread the interrupts among the processors.

Any other questions I should be asking the chip vendors?


One comment on “The Best Way to Pimp the Chip Sales Guy

  1. […] Of course there in no information on how this chip handles interrupts. […]

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