New Marvell three core chip

Marvell announces new three core chip

It was on Slashdot, so it must be news. The actual articles are here and here from Multicore Info. The actual press release from the Marvell site has more details than both articles combined.

Very cool idea. It is a dual core with a third processor optimized for low power. When things are idle, only the low power core is used.

What Operating Systems are supported?

Damn software guy asking ugly questions like that. There are no details in the articles. If it is for smart phones, a safe bet is that it will run some flavor of Linux.

Of course there in no information on how this chip handles interrupts.

Are there any ideas for our design? A good “should” requirement is “the software will use a low power mode for the processor when no work is needed”. The event-driven programming model is great for a low power application. No events to handle means no processing.


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