1000 Core Processor

Intel says a prototype shows the 1000 Core Processor is possible.

Old news I know. The point is not that it is possible. The point is that no one can actually use the thing. Is there a way to write a program that actually makes ups of the cores?

Nothing I have seen so far. How about you?


3 comments on “1000 Core Processor

  1. Frank says:

    – encryption cracking. You’ll have 999 cores devoted to just detecting viruses and encrypting your e-mail, and the 1000’th core is just there to do what we’ve been doing all along – reading Facebook.

    – dynamic genetic algorithm retraining for continuously changing problems (maybe stock-market applications)

    – high resolution video processing (movie industry, embedded for cameras)

    – protein folding (but this is probably covered by some genetic algorithm approach – or will be soon)

    – video-games that are indistinguishable from movies. Animations for individual characters will no longer be statically programmed – they can evolve, or individual characters can learn how to move more efficiently and gracefully in real time.

    – ungodly network bandwidth hardware?

    Most of these (maybe just not the video processing and network), fall under machine learning – repeatedly searching a large solution space to find higher efficiency solutions. But the best problems are those who’s solution space is continually changing, so the searching has to be continuous because the solution is dynamic.

    The cost of solving any problem that can be approached in parallel fashion will immediately drop. To get 1000 cores today using server PCs, you need about 63 16-core PCs – and I’ll guess they run roughly $5-15K (been a while), so that’s $300K-$1M. Now you can do the same thing with a 1000 core PC at what? $50K? Whatever the drop in price – it means more college students and hobbyists creating free-ware open-source whatever for massive parallel applications.

    For non-techies the household app will be video-games that look like movies and high-def video processing in 10 seconds instead of 10 minutes.

    • Doug says:

      It seems to me, 1000 of the same core is not that interesting. Sort of like people.
      A much better architecture would be 4-8 general purpose cores, all driving specialized co-processors.
      The encryption, virus detector, XML parser and all the others are hardware cores that exist beside the main cores.
      Interesting ideas from that architecture.

  2. Frank says:

    video editing:

    will this go mainstream? it never will when it takes 3 hours to render.

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