100 Different cores – The minimal risk machine and multiple cores

Frank made a comment to my last post. In my usual totally tangential way, it reminded me of the Minimal RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) machine.


When I was a boy, taking Computer Architecture from Dr. Chang many years ago, the RISC vs. CISC was a real debate. The paper above is for the minimal RISC machine.
The idea is the computer has one instruction. That instruction is move memory A to memory B, done. The computer can do anything with that one instruction. Adding, multiply, everything is in the memory map. To add 2+3 the computer moves 2 into the adder slot A, then moves 3 into the adder slot B, then gets the result from adder slot C. Easy.
The idea of 1000 of these super simple cores is fun to play with. next to the cores would be banks of adders, multipliers, dividers, or whatever is needed.
This makes some sense from a resource point of view. Computers tend to add, subtract and compare more than divide. Things that take a long time in an algorithm like multiplication, could be run in parallel. Start multiplier A, then B, then C, get result A, then B, then do an add and fetch C. Cool.
Just something to noodle on.


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