Actors as a new model of computing

I know, I have not posted for way too long. Honestly the news on multicore sort of dried up. It is like we slipped into a hype cycle black hole.

Anyhow, as I was recently laid off from the day job, I have some extra web surfing time. I found this video on the actor model of computation. For a little background, here is the Wikipedia on the Actor model.

Let me warn you, this is geek porn. Three very smart people talking very deeply about deep computer science. The guy quotes Dijkstra and says he is wrong.

I sat transfixed for 45 minutes. If anyone finds a link to the book he mentions, let me know. I could not find it on Amazon. The ideas all relate back to an event driven mulitprocessor system. The idea of actors takes it further, many of the concepts are familiar and related. It is even more interesting to find this was out there and published for a couple of decades. Nothing new in the world I guess. I need to research and understand the ideas around inconsistency they discuss towards the end of the video.

Some further research found a number of papers by Carl Hewitt. He mentions which has a paper.


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